Jul 19

Xenon Depot Xtreme H4 LED

PNP Master returns for more PNP goodness. But seriously, I borrowed a 2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder headlight and tried comparing a Hella standard H4 bulb, brand new out of the box, and these H4 LEDs. This isn't a review, just some thoughts. But here's the sauce.

The headlight wasn't in the exact same position, but close. The photos are exposure locked though. The LEDs definitely don't have as clean as a cutoff but the cutoff is there. The hotspot is MUCH brighter and wider, and the foreground isn't blown out. Output is spotty, but not terrible. No dim spots, just not smooth. I'm shocked that they're not foreground heavy.

In reality, they're a pure white with no blue. Nice color. I let them run for a few minutes and they get warm but not hot. Pleasant to hold in the hand on a cold night. I did, however, burn myself on the halogen H4 bulb. It's tradition that I burn myself every time I touch headlights, so this was a mere sacrifice. The heatsink doesn't feel very useful because it stays cold while the bulb body warms up. They are clockable, the photo shows the best position I could get for the MR2 headlight. Unfortunately, I don't have the Corolla around to test in. Would be cool to leave them in the Rolla, perfect the PNP trifecta

While they're nowhere near as nice as I've seen the Philips LEDs in photos, they're not bad. They're at least safe for use. I wouldn't run them in my own car, but I can recommend them to people who insist on PNP LED.