Apr 27

Wiring help, bixenon fogs

Alright I've got some bixenon fogs inbound from China. I'd like to make a selector switch so I can enable and disable their high beam function and make them stay on or behave like stock. In stock configuration the fogs turn off when the high beams turn on and only can be turned on when the low beams are on.

It looks like if I add a switch to ground green/white between 10 and 17 it would keep them on with the high beams and then I'd just tap the high beam circuit to the solenoids via a splitter. With the switch not providing ground the fogs would behave as factory intended, then when ground is provided by the switch they would be on with the high beams. It looks like I would need a diode to block ground from back feeding and turning the low beams on when the switch is grounding the fogs.

Does all this sound correct?