Apr 28

Will the heat from halogens degrade my new LED Halos?

Hi, first post, just bought myself an 05 Subaru Outback XT rebuilt with a brand new STi engine, and I'm working my way through a couple of customization projects before I put it out on the road.

I opened up the headlights and installed some Morimoto switchback LED halos, and now I want to match them with LED low beams

Mockup for sizing purposes

Went with 100mm and 80mm, respectively

Now my issue is that I want to also use LED headlights behind the stock low beam projectors, but this generation uses a weird bulb cap over the entire bulb and plug, like so:

I have seen someone mod that cap by extending it with a 3" PVC cap, but then you are effectively trapping the LED heatsink inside the headlight unit, so it will continue circulating hotter and hotter air and I'm concerned that it too much heat will build up inside.

I have also seen people just discard that cap, leaving the entire unit open to dust, water and condensation - which I obviously don't want to do...

So because of these roadblocks, I may just start buying those extra white halogens, but I'm concerned that the heat is going to degrade those nice new Halos.. Am I fussing over nothing or is there a real concern here?