May 11

Why does this happen?

Condensation inside my headlights.

I sealed the crap out of them.

What the heck am I doing wrong?

I taped over the breather whole before I painted the reflector.

I heated them up in the oven and then resealed the headlight.

I sealed the back of the housing with butyl rubber glue and liquid tape and plastidip.

I went around the edge of the lens with liquid tape at first, but I noticed some moisture in my headlights the very first night after sealing them up.

So a couple days later I went around the edge with clear silicone.

I called some custom headlight shop to see if they would seal them properly and test them, but he said that maybe it could be outgassing from the liquid tape I used. That was a few days ago.

So after I applied the silicone, we have had 3-4 days of sunshine, no rain. No moisture in the headlights.

But then today we just got some rain and I drive home with my headlights on and I get out to check them and bam tons of condensation.