Sep 21

Why a blown fuse again???

Ok guys, need some help.
I was driving down the highway(dusk time) when I decided it was about time to turn on the headlights.I flipped the switch and nothing.
Pulled over,checked the harness's fuse and it was melted and black looking almost as it caught on fire.It wasn't blown though....
This had happened 2 years ago when the guys at TRS warranted back then both a blown ballast and the relay harness.
The setup is 5five DSP ballasts,H4 morimoto relay harness,xb35 bulbs and md2s 3.0.
Pics to follow:

The thing is I had to drive in the highway just on foglights and then on a rural road.Quite dangersous but I had no choice.
The fuse holder is destroyed and cannot accept a new fuse.