Apr 28

Which TRS HID is for me?

I'm thinking of biting the bullet and getting HIDS, as it stands; I've got my headlights running off relays with Phillips Extravisions- crisp as they may be, it's not enough. I've got a 2008 CVPI no DRLs. I was looking at the selection and was wondering which ones would suit my car. And if I could leave the relays in, because the Ford LCM(lighting control module) is a underbuilt, expensive to replace item...that controls ALL the lights. I'm not too certain on how HIDs wire up, but I assume they would have more of load on the LCM and factory lights already are an effort for it and its measilly 10amp relay. IIRC HIDs run right off the battery anyway, so would keepi g the relays just be extra nonesense?