Jul 08

Which projector to use?

I have a 95 Eagle Talon with stock headlights and just ordered some ebay projector headlights to replace my stock ones. I understand that the projectors in the ebay headlights are probably garbage and wanted to retro some different projector housings in there.

From the junkyard, I grabbed 4 headlights from some Audi A4s I believe. One set is the D2R Valeo 89202605 for hid bulbs and the other is another set of Valeo housings but with a h7 base for halogen bulbs. Both shields are the same weirdly enough but I noticed the set for the hid bulbs has a wider reflector housing than the set for the halogen bulbs.

So which should I use? I know both are considered mediocre in the hid world but I'm coming from stock headlights that use just 9006 bulbs. I tried searching other threads and found the h7 based projectors are pretty decent but all the pics don't exist anymore. Can someone point me in the right direction?