Jul 25

Which Mini H1 projectors?

Hello to all.

I'm fairly new around here, but long time stalker.

I'm going to upgrade my headlights with a H1 Projector.

Now I'm based in the UK, and I can only source what looks like decent projectors either from Europe, or the US.

But I'm unsure which to get.

I understand Morimoto are going to be the dogs nuts in quality, but at 300$ (£250) is a little steep with the shipping on top, however, I've found a company called Retrofitlab based in mainland Europe.

They offer a projector which is a "6.1" for half the price (260$/£180) (https://www.retrofitlab.com/en/xenon...tors-61-1.html)

Does anyone have any experience with the retrofitlab projectors? or even have a comparison with the Morimoto 7.0 projectors? (https://www.theretrofitsource.com/co...1-stage-3.html)

Any help for this noob?

Thank you.