Aug 09

What options do I have for retrofit?

2014 Mazda 6. Basically, I have the Xenon depot kit with 4300k Phillip bulbs on halogen projector headlights. My low beams use H11 bulbs. Low beams work alone. DRL and highs work together. What are my options? What xenon projectors or lenses could I "retrofit"? Is it worth it? I have no idea. Here is how the headlights look like.

This guy on ebay is selling xenon headlights with the connector already modified to fit my car. They are $560 with shipping but who knows what quality they are. It also says that I would need a D2H hid kit, so I'm guessing my h11 hid kit won't fit in those headlights? Xenon depot doesn't even have D2H kit, only morimoto has it.


These pictures are from the stock halogen headlights.