Aug 02

What Causes This Pronounced "Ring" Effect From Projector?

I just started to retrofit my 05 Volvo S40 with stock H11 halogens to HID.

Here are the installed products (all sourced from TRS)

1) D2S Morimoto XB 4500K bulbs
2) Bosch E46 Replica Bi-Xenon Projectors
3) D2S Morimoto XB35 ballasts
4) SKBOWE harness

In the picture below, the driver side has been retrofitted, and has some sort of "ring" effect along the left/bottom. The passenger side projector does not have this effect. I have checked, and the projector doesn't seem to be reflecting off of anything along the housing to create this effect.

My questions:

1) The "ring" is not supposed to be there, correct?
2) Is this effect commonly caused be a lens issue or a projector issue?
3) Is this common for replica projectors?

Thanks in advance! I'm very new to retrofitting, so I figured I'd start with this issue and go from there about others I encounter. Once I solve this issue, I can move on to others.