Jun 05

What caused this to happen? Corolla LED headlight.

So recently I installed demon eyes in my Corolla LED headlights. Before doing so, I tried to open the driver side headlight using a hot cutting knife. After cutting the top seam of the headlight I decided against it. I noticed that I just needed to cut open the back cap of the headlight in order to insert the demon eyes. The next day I noticed the headlight developed something that looks like some oily drippings on the inner lens. What could've caused this?
btw...I have an extra set of headlights so I'm not too upset about it. Also, this past week the humidity has been disgusting here in Miami FL and it's been raining a lot. Even so, the inside of the headlight remains the same.

Finished project:

Cutting of the cap:

Damaged lens with waht seems like oily dripping:

Good headlight, only the back cap was cut open and melted back together: