Jul 28



I don't know how I feel about this...

They say that it has improved optics over the old V3 model (mostly due to doubling the chip count for a more even light spread), but they took away the ability to adjust the focal length of the bulb. Being able to tune the bulb to suit the housing was the best feature of the V3, IMHO. It looks as if they made the V6 about the same length as the V3 in its middle position. I guess that's a fair compromise as it shouldn't be too far off from how most people had the V3 tuned in their housings anyway. The plus side of taking away the adjustability is the decreased size of the heatsink. The V3 is huge, and while the V6 is still large for a plug and play bulb, it's noticeably more compact and should be easier to install in tight places. Having the control unit built into the bulb itself helps, as well. The optional resistors will attach inline with the bulb and the connector, rather than hang off of a control box like an extra appendage.

Perhaps the best thing about the V6 is that it's cheaper than the V3, with the basic non-switchback versions starting at $100. With the 20% pre-order discount, that drops to $80 plus shipping. The set of Red V3's that I almost pulled the trigger on during the 4th of July sale were going to be about $110 shipped. Glad that I waited, though I wonder if there will be a clearance sale on the V3 once the V6 becomes readily available?

I'm really tempted to pre-order a few sets, but I am just a bit worried about the inability to tune them...