Jun 12

VLED V3 Triton 5K White/Amber switchback on ’13 Explorer?

Just for reference I have a ?13 ruby red Ford Explorer Sport I have done a HID upgrade to Mori EVOX-R projectors, XV bulbs and Hella G3 ballasts updated and modded to ~41.5W. Also have XB LED fog lights w/ yellow Lamin-X film.

But why stop there??? Now I am thinking about adding LED side markers and a VLED V3 Triton 5K White/Amber switchback system for DLR and front turn indicators like in this link. http://www.lightwerkz.net/index.php....lb-system.html. In mod they removed the amber defuser, easy to do and looks O.K. So this will be option #1

I found the police interceptor version of the defuser has DLR/turn area cut out like in this photo. http://https://www.flickr.com/photos.../shares/8i9A9X. This seems like a nice option to retain more of a stock look but have a clear section for the white DLR. This will be option #2.

I currently have the factory amber turn indicator/DLR switchback enabled. Works perfect and is slightly unique because most Explorers do not have this setting enabled. Just leaving it as is will be option #3.

Before I go down this path I am looking for feedback from folks that have run the VLED V3 Triton White/Amber switchback system, especially in an Explorer.

How is the reliability of the V3 Triton system?
I am concerned about how bright the white DLR will be. Will they be totally obnoxious to other drivers both oncoming and cars in front when at stops?
Thoughts, suggestions or feedback on the three options listed above are welcome.