Jun 16


I've recently seen some picture of VLED's new bulb line up which consist of a 921, 7740, 3156, and 1156. First thing I noticed was the placement of the LEDs. It looks like these new bulb are a pretty good attempt at getting a similar stock fill. Close to the Philips Ultinon T20. It looks like they'll just come in white but the 921 will also have a red option. The 921 also similarly placed the LEDs to get that same stock fill. The T20 base will use 6 Cree XT-E with a claimed output of 1600 lumen. The 921 base will us 6 Cree XB-D at a rating of 850 lumen. The bulbs aren't cheap (obviously). The 921 comes in at $35 a bulb, while the T20 will be $45 per a bulb. DD sells there 921 for $90 so the VLED's one isn't too out of line. Any opinions on these? Looks like 20% off on pre-orders.