Jul 04

Various New/Unused HID/LED Part Leftovers.

I have for sale various HID and LED parts I have purchased personally that I never used over the years that I no longer need. All parts are new and unused. Shipping not included but is subject to parts purchased. I'll be more than fair with shipping. Prices and quantities are as follows:

Morimoto xB 35W HID ballasts (4x): $45 each

Morimoto D2S Ignitors (2x): $5 each

Morimoto H7 HID Bulb Kit 5500k (1x): $30

Morimoto H1 HID Bulb Kit 4500k (1x): $30

Morimoto H7 HD Relay Harness (1x): $20

Morimoto H11 HD Relay Harness (1x): $25

Morimoto 9005 HD Relay Harness (1x): $25

Morimoto 9006 HD Relay Harness (1x): $20

Morimoto H7 to H7/9005 Adapters (2x): $5

Morimoto xB LED Fog Light Kit with Yellow Lamix Overlays

I have brackets to fit various Subaru vehicles. Please specify which Subaru you have if interested.


WRX: 2011-2014

WRX STI: 2011-2014

LEGACY: 2008-2009

FORESTER: 2014-2017 (req. mods to bracket)

LEGACY: 2010-2012 (req. mods to bracket)

OUTBACK: 2010-2012

WRX/STI: 2015-2017

IMPREZA: 2012-2017 (req. H16 adapter)

CROSSTREK: 2012-2017 (req. H16 adapter)

(1x): $150

Shroud pair (Bullet, Iris, Mini Gatling Gun, Graphite; 1x each): $10 each

Diode Dynamics 7440/7443 HP24 Switchback LED Bulbs (1 Pair): $40

PM me if interested