Jul 31

Various HID & LED parts. Moving out of state. Need to unload.(BVC’s HIDP breakup thread)

Selling off my random collection of HID parts. Moving out of state and a lot of stuff I don't feel like lugging around.

Please see the photos below. All items sold AS IS. I will send you an invoice via my online web (www.1859NW.com) store for secure payment. Shipping is $6.45 per Priority mail small box. If your selected items will be to big for a single box I'll place in a second box. Priority mail offers 1-3 day shipping with tracking # and insurance.

Just list the number in the photograph you're interested in and make an offer!! If you're interested in multiple items just tell me what #'s they are and make a bulk price offer. For example "4, 7, 11, 15. $55".

All parts have been taken care of and stored in a box in a garage. I'm sure many of you that will see this are new but I've been a member on this forum dating back to about 2011 before the big changes. Hopefully some of you old timer *******s are still here to give me shit :P (soundman, heh)

Thanks all!!...

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