May 09

Upgrade DRL for 2016 Honda Accord

Since I've just about wrapped up this retrofit I've been playing around with the idea of swapping the OEM LED's for an upgraded option. The 2016+ Accord has been plagued with these LEDs burning out very quickly so in a way to prevent this I've come to the conclusion that I want to swap out the LEDs. As I found out yesterday the OEM LEDs are driven at 1amp. I wouldn't mind replacing the OEM driver. I'm open to suggestions on other LEDs to use but so far I am considering the Cree XHP35. I think I shouldn't have a problem using the LED with the OEM heatsink as it is pretty beefy. The only issue comes with the second LED that lights the side of the headlight to just before the middle. Now I know this OEM LED has no where near the heatsink of the other but yet is still running at 1 amp. What would you guys suggest? Go a different route with the LEDs? I'm looking for a 6-6500K LED to replace the stock 5500K.