Jul 28

Unloading all my HID stuff…. what are fair prices?

Both of my cars have factory HIDs and I am running LEDs on my bike, so I have a cabinet full of HID stuff I don't need. What should I charge for this stuff?

- TL-R projectors (pair)
- Black series projectors (pair)
- Possibly 3 Morimoto 35W ballasts (if I can get them replaced under warranty)
- Morimoto relay (can't remember which one)

Also thinking about selling my retrofitted 06-11 Civic sedan headlights. Only issue is the driver's side is a little tilted. I don't know that it would be worth getting another set of stock headlights for, or if it would help resale (going to sell the Civic soon as well).

Any ideas on prices? If I can get like $300 for all the stuff listed and maybe another $300 for the headlights/ballasts/bulbs I'd be happy. I'd probably sell the headlights locally though.