Apr 27

Troubleshooting Misfire on 2015 3Five kit


I recently started having occasional trouble with my right hand headlight. In the mornings, anytime below freezing theres a chance that it wont fire.

Whole kit was installed with relay harness behind the bumper, so troubleshooting isnt super easy as I dont always have a garage around.

I started a ticket with TRS and finally had some time to swap things around, but Im not sure if it wasnt cold enough or what but I had a very hard time replicating the issue consistently enough to determine what the exact problem was(by swapping components). If I drive for around 10-15 minutes and flick the headlights 9/10 times the other bulb will ignite.

I know years ago the mori ballasts had cold start ignition problems, but I had thought that the batch I bought was part of the revised version(bought 4/12/15).

I just have very limited time outside of work at the moment and id like to only really pull off the bumper one more time if possible.

What would you guys replace if you were in my shoes.