Apr 29

Trans Am Cheap Bi-Xenon Projectors! Quad High & Low!

As anyone that owns a firebird, our headlights suck???a lot. One of the first things I did when I purchased this car was buying LMC replacements and HIDs, within days after installing them I hated them. Everything sucked about them, other than they looked nice when not lit which serves no purpose for us. Like a lot of other people on here that wanted better lighting, I bought some plates and a set of low beam Hellas. While you either love or hate the look, you can argue their performance. I HATED the big-ass step on them and drove me nuts, not to mention I had to point them further down than needed to due to the step hitting the passenger side mirror on the car in front of you. I also decided to try some Bosch H4 replacement headlights, but the glare sucked and had to aim them down almost as far as LMC?s. But all of these trials lead me to this ?

I don?t know if anyone has tried to find sealed projectors, but they?re a ***** and especially something that would actually be the right dimensions for our cars. To add extra difficultly to my search they also had to be bi-xenon (high/low) so I could safely run a quad high/low setup on my WS6. Well?.I did find some that were sealed AND ideal dimensions AND bi-xenon AND almost half the price of a pair of Hellas! The only thing I couldn?t confirm was the mounting spots for them, but they had some adjustability so I took a chance and luck was apparently on my side because they even fit on the Hella adapter plates with the only thing that needs to be done is drill 4 new holes. I took the liberty to draw up the locations of the new holes, to scale, in CAD (at bottom of OP) so if someone wanted to upgrade it?d be cake.

At this point I initially was going to start a thread, but made myself wait until I got a 2nd set of projectors because I wanted to show off my quad high/low beam setup plus the Harley-Davidson fog lights that I discovered how to retrofit last year.  I?m beyond happy with my lighting setup now! Of course there are better projectors out there, but they?re not sealed and we have to deal with the hand we were dealt.

I actually considered keeping this discovery to myself and possibly become a sponsor on LS1Tech. Then get some plates made with appropriate holes, Chinese HID kitsand sell them with a pair of new bi-xenon projectors and make some extra money for my ?kit?. Hell unlike other companies, no doubt I?d sell just parts of my ?kit? to help out people that wanted to save money and already had plates or HIDs. BUT out of the handful of stuff (especially LED oriented) I?ve created while a member of LS1Tech and probably could have sold or even started a small business, that?s not my style and plus I have a Superlite SLC due in next month that will be taking up all my spare time. Honestly, I think it?s better for people to be able to buy themselves and in the end save a boat load of money in the process. To sum it up, if you have OEM lighting, if you went for the cheapest of the cheap you could do quad bi-xenon headlights for our cars for a little over $200 for everything ($42/set projectors, $16/set H11 HID kit, $50/set Hella plates from forum member and make your own Y-adapter for dual ballasts) or half of that if you just want 2 headlights. Compare that to kits you can buy, major savings for just a little bit of wiring work!For anyone interested, personally I am running dual Morimoto HID kits with Chinese H11 bulbs and made my own Y-adapter for dual ballasts.

I also should mention that even though the picture on AliExpress shows these do have a step, as you can see mine do not. At first I was kind of mad, but after thinking about it I?m kind of glad they don?t because it allows me to aim them a little higher than if they did have a step. There also seems to be enough stray light that all the road side signs still illuminate. Shipping time from China to my door is right at 3 days from when order was placed.