Jul 05

Toyota Camry led headlight

I got hold of toyota camry led headlight. Its rhd and I guess year is 2015
This one

So I opened it up, pretty easy to open them and took out low beam slot

This how it looked.

Removed the shroud

And here is the real thing behind.
Two projectors and one reflector on top(to add width to side, if i am not wrong), mounted to a massive heat sink

This how the projectors and reflector look from top

Closeup, cutoff, reflector of big projector

And that of small projector

And that of reflector

Total 3



Two wires goes from connectors to led and are interconnected this way as shown in pic.


One massive


I found it really cheap that they were without driver but I still grabbed it. So now the question is.

Where to find it or can be custom made.

About output. I have only seen a few oncoming and the color flick is amazing from these, though no idea of on road output.