Apr 27

Tl-r kit(thoughts??)

Hey guys
This guy bought TL oem stage 4 kit(3g tl, NB bulbs, denso, relayharness) in nov 2015 from trs and bought clear lens and xb6000k bulb from a local morimoto dealer. They were lhd. And our requirement is rhd. The guy also bought Tl-r conversion kit but we all know it needs alot tweaking and trimming also it was sticking(mini shield) so he used tl in lhd form with mori 6k bulbs. Used them for 6months and swapped them out with 100w halogen in oem housing. Now that he wants to utilize his tl he sent them over to me for tweaking and rhd conversion on oem shield. His requirement was wide low beam distracts him wasnt able to see good in low beam on narrow roads.
So before messing with oem shields I requested him to let me work on Tl-r shields first as his reasons were halogen 100w givds good narrow intense beam but reliability is issue. So even with Tl-r shields done right if he doesnot like output.he can sell it with oem shields untouched. If he likes then he can continue with them either with tl-r kit or oem rhd converted shield(to get peace of mind from mini sticking issue)

So I used tl-r shield and Dropped mini shield around 2mm below as I thought he needs more hotspot in low beam.
Also first thing first mori bulbs dont color match in this case one is yellow and brighter and other is 6k right color.
The tl-r kit needs lots of tweaking for cutoff on side to look right but thats not main issue as firstly I wanted to improve center(i.e hotspot on tl-r).
Rest Lets pics do the talking.

Tl-r with yellow bulb(top), oem with6k(bottom)

Oem with 6k(top), Tl-r with yellow bulb(bottom)

Tl-r with 6k(top), oem with yellow bulb(bottom)

Oem with yellow bulb(top), tl-r with 6k(bottom)

Now I thought why not swap shields, so here is output

Tl-r with yellow bulb(top), oem with 6k(bottom)

Oem with 6k(top), tl-r with yellow bulb bottom

Tl-r with 6k(top), oem with yellow bulb(bottom)

Oem with yellow(top), tl-r with 6k(bottom)

Both projector has clear lens installed. Also Tl-r has more foreground(length wise) than oem, maybe due to dropped shield.

Now with dropped shield, the cutoff at extreme edges is below than cutout from center to sides due to tl-r plate design also high beam is not connected to low beam on sides due to this. Well that can be achieved by grinding tl-r plate a bit down to bring in line with mini shield.
The shield is straight, maybe mariginally curved by me to bring color more as sharp cutoff will again hampers the owner's vision so its bent more close to bulb to soften up cutoff.
A lil weird tl-r design , the mini solenoid sit facing bulb and not lens, thus shield cant be curved.

I searched many threads on Tl-r kit tweaking tuning but none were in detail on how the shield was modded.

Anyhow looking for you guys suggestion, solutions , criticism.

Will post outside pics of low and high beam before grinding plate for sides. And once done will post up a dedicated thread with each step pics to help other member looking for this mod right way.