Jul 25

Switchback Halos hyperflash on one side only

Hey guys. I have a 2009 335i that I recently completed a halo retrofit on. I used Morimoto switchback XSB 3.0 Halos (two halos in each headlight to keep that oem BMW look) The halos are wired as the blinkers in both headlights.

I have wired in a 50w 6ohm resistor on both sides to correct the hyperflash. Im having trouble correcting it on the passenger side though. It works perfectly on the drivers side and the passengers side seems to work only while the car is turned off (but not everytime). If I start the car after using the blinker while the engine was off it will work normally the first time then stop working again.

I have tried 4-5 new resistors and it will work for a minute then it starts hyperflashing again. What could be causing this?? The headlights are wired exactly the same on both sides and its driving me crazy.

Thanks in advance!