Jul 20

Suzuki Satria/Belang FU150R retrofit with nissan oem bi-xenon

retrofit for this bike

the sourced this sweet and massive bi-xenon projector from Nissan Silphy (or was it sylphy??) which is a pretty rare unicorn car that is normally came with just halogen headlight...

but one day while scrapping some metals at junkyard i saw this gem laying around among other broken plastic headlight....

turns out this is pretty much a score....(albeilt just 1 side)

the headlight unit (broken tabs)

after breaking it apart sweet lens (top is additional foreground light source)

gigantic solenoid

rear view

the shield

shield from the front....lens also came with 2 screw and metal holder...and came stock with 1 gasket spacer

lens size is slightly over 3" (probably around 3.15"~3.25")

the length is about 6" (7"+ with bulb and socket igniter)

now onto the bike....i'm sorry lacking of progress picture due to time constrain (bike's owner need to ride home about 100km from my place)

basically about 85% of the original headlight reflector was gone... mounted using 2 metal bracket top and bottom...then sealed with silicone glue

*the light source is actually from my phone camera (nokia lumia 1020 with xenon flash)...not from the projector hid bulb

real world shot (before adjustment) which falls around 150ft which is definately too low....but corrected afterwards

ballast is used oem toyota koito (*picture borrowed from other site)

and bulb also used oem phillips d2s

i dont know what is the actual projector model....anybody knew what was this sweet projector model?