May 08

strobe effect on 1 projectors: cause?

Setup is on a 12 wrx. trs appropriate harness, matsugen3 ballast, phillips bulbs.
Setup on car for 2 years not a glitch. last night, driver side won't start. I switched bulbs to rule out bulbs, not the bulb.
Move the car and frind notices the driver side light "strobes"... So we touch randomnly the wires/harness behind housing and strobes seems to stop and light stay on.
I drive home, both projector work.
Start the car this am, driver side again not lighting up... eventually, same thing happens where the strobe starts to happen, so I fiddle with harness and get the light to stay on for a few seconds.

Question: It seems logical to think there is a wiring problem on the harness side. It's not a ballast, or fuse problem, am I correct in my reasoning?
I am not sure how to go about figuring out what part of the harness is messing up but just wanted to share this with you and make sure I wasn't missing anything.