Jun 04

soundman’s ’02 ranger super-cab/club-cab/extended-cab/4-dr

just got it yesterday. here's pics from the listing..

it's only got 80k miles on it. typical undercarriage rust, 4x4, 4.0 motor. more than i wanted to spend at $4800, but there's literally nothing under $4k that didn't have more serious problems, and/or more rust. most trucks like this are ridden hard and put away wet, so they're all in some sort of rough shape. the last 3 that i looked at, one had 244k miles, no fan control, no a/c, and a worn out drivers seat. the other had 160k, no brakes due to a rusted line, and was in an accident that he didn't disclose--fixed poorly. and the last one looked like it rolled over through the paint section at home depot, but only had minor front end damage and 150k...

major issues:
a/c doesn't work
airbag light on
dome light stuck on--says a door is open
minor rust on passenger 2nd door
passenger 2nd door latch sticks hard
tires haven't been replaced since '05, i'm actually surprised they made the 1 hour drive home, terribly dry rotted..

new tires/wheels
fix airbag, dome light, sticking door
sound system
full led conversion