Apr 28

Sinolyn 3.0 bixenon fog lights


These came in today, initial impressions are good. They feel solid, look well finished, the bowl surface I can see inside looks like a high gloss finish. The front and rear halves seem to be adhered with silicone, not sure how the lens is held on. There are 3 goretex looking patches on them, two on top and one at the bottom of the bowl. I can't say I'd trust these to do well outside a lamp housing in winter to be honest, not mounted down low anyway. Though with a simple sheet metal cap affixed in such a way to allow venting but not allow water spray at the patches they'd probably be OK, I'd still worry about rotting over time like any alloy bodied lamp exposed to salt spray.

I inserted an old 9011 HIR bulb into the lamp, though it would not fully seat since it's made for H11/H9 base, it did seat far enough to get near the focal point. These things are wide and bright considering the wrong bulb, the high beam is pretty good too, there was a distinct red color band at the cutoff, was reaching for the camera to get a photo and the bulb exploded in the lamp trashing it. However, what I saw looked very promising. I'll get a H9 bulb and light the other one up on halogen and then later HID once I get some decent bulbs. I'm working on getting a single replacement from the seller at the moment.

I plan to split the trashed one open for dissection, but what I can see through the holes under the patches shows a simple pull down style shield and solenoid, flat shield, no foreground limiter but the bowl doesn't seem conducive to excess foreground. Pretty basic but it looks like it works well. The beam was wide on the wall, about as wide as the G5 Chinese projector or a Q5R I'd guess. I didn't notice any bowing going on despite the wrong bulb and flat cutoff.