May 28

Single 1295 blinker into DRL/blinker?

Hey guys; here's one for ya:

I wanted to put "DRLs" on my Jeep for improved visibility. I wound up getting some X5 fogs; but they do a great job of putting light on the road and not so great a job of illuminating the front of the Jeep to make it more visible.

What I'm thinking is as follows:

The bit immediately below the projector (currently un-illuminated) has a single 1295 bulb behind it. If I were to pull that and put either a series of 4 "too bright to look at" amber 921s or some other array of LEDs back there and set them up with a relay so they still act as a blinker... I think that'd be great. I already have amber LED bulbs in the two positions where the above pic shows orange bulbs.

What'd be the best place to start?