May 05

silverado DEPO Headlights. What should i do?

Hi I bought some Depo Headlights from ebay.


If the link doesn't work please tell me.

But these headlights have halogen projectors in there. I want HID so i can see better at night.

1. Can i just put a hid kit in there?

2. Can i just swap out a nice set of projectors and bulbs?

3. I was looking at the EVOX-R or FX-R Projectors. will they work?

4. What size projectors do you think i will need? 3" or 2.5"

5. Can TL Projectors fit in the housing as a direct swap.

6. I will be using a High beam Splitter as well.

Oh i used to frequent these forums back in 2005-2006. but i have forgotten my user name and password. that's why this looks like my first post