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Projector Shrouds & Bezels

Projector Shrouds & Bezels come in a variety of fitments & designs. New shapes and looks are being created all the time as well.

While nearly any object can be defined as a shroud or bezel (PVC piping, aluminum flashing or other rounded covering objects), there are a variety of popular shrouds that are pre-made and provide excellent coverage.

Here is a look at some of the most common ones.

E46 Style Shrouds


E46 & E46-R shrouds are very popular due to their clean classic design, easy trimming & fitment and excellent projector coverage capabilities. Based on the BMW E-46 series vehicle. (these are available in standard & extended versions)


Ocular Style Shrouds


Ocular shrouds are a great choice. These provide good projector coverage with a sleek ocular eye appeal.



Gatling Gun Style Shrouds


Gatling Gun shrouds are a tough look design. These are large shrouds and recommended for headlights with medium to large space inside. They feature louvers on their outside edge that allow light from your projector to emit for a unique effect. Their projector coverage is excellent.


Gatling V2 Style Shrouds


Gatling Gun V2 The Gatling V2 is a relatively large, clean & bold design shroud with an all chrome finish that is perfect for Mini Morimoto MH1 Retrofits. Louvers around the sides allow for light to escape for a glow effect.



Apollo Style Shrouds


Apollo shrouds are a clean design with a muscular feel to them. They feature smooth curves with double louver blocks on each side that allow light from your projector to emit for a unique effect. Their projector coverage is excellent.



E-55R Style Shrouds


E55 & E55-R shrouds are specifically related to the Mercedes E-55 series models. These shrouds feature smooth flowing curves & a clean chrome design. These shrouds have decent projector coverage.



GTI-R Style Shrouds


GTI-R shrouds are modeled after the VW GTI. They feature clean chrome all around with tiny dimples all the way around. These provide decent projector coverage.




Bullet Style Shrouds


Bullet A conical shaped shroud with smooth lines. These feature a deep design that provides excellent coverage.



G37-R Style Shrouds


G-37R This bold design shroud offers four staggered layers of venting to allow for a cool glow effect with the projectors on. These offer good coverage and a smooth chrome design.



Iris Style Shrouds


Iris A very smooth curved shroud. Similar in design to the E-46R. These offer good coverage and are inspired by the Volkswagen Tiguan.





Mini-Cooper Clubman R Style Shrouds


MC-R The Mini-Cooper Clubman Replica is a two piece shroud. These are large in size and recommend for big headlight applications. The center dimples feature a clear acrylic insert that can be left for a glow effect or painted for a custom look.




Mini Graphite Style ShroudsMini Gatling & Mini Graphite These are specific only to the Mini Morimoto MH1 projectors. They offer specific coverage for that projector only in tight fit applications. The Mini Gatling offers opaque coverage with it’s chrome finish while the Mini Graphite offers a tinted translucent finish (for a see-through glow effect).Mini Gatling Style Shrouds






Orbit Style Shrouds




Orbit The Orbit shroud is designed for larger headlight applications and features 360 degrees of circular coverage. These feature chrome “landing strips” for a cool design.


Panamera Style Shrouds



Panamera These shrouds are designed to cover the biggest of projectors. This two-piece shroud offers a design that’s functional and aesthetically pleasing. These are inspired by the Porsche Panamera.


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