Shrouds and Bezels: The aesthetic part of a headlight retrofit.

A shroud or bezel can refer to two different things when talking about a headlight retrofit. The first is found in nearly every headlight from the factory or in it’s original form – we call this the OEM shroud. OEM Headlight Shroud

A projector shroud or bezel is what’s used to cover up the new HID projectors in your headlight retrofit setup. These come in a variety of styles, designs and fitments. For example, the E-46 style shroud is very popular given it’s clean/classy design, good depth coverage and versatility for fitment. E-46 Style Shroud

With shroud & bezel customization the entire look of a headlight system can be changed. Certain color paints, certain portions kept chrome or done in opposing colors can all be brought together to give each setup built a unique look and style. Some of the most popular theme headlight we see being built today are black and chrome. It adds a distinct “sporty” look while retaining a classy appearance.

GMC Sierra Black & White Headlight Retrofit

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Apollo Style Shrouds

Projector Shrouds & Bezels

Projector Shrouds & Bezels come in a variety of fitments & designs. New shapes and looks are being created all the time as well. While nearly any object can be defined as a shroud or bezel (PVC piping, aluminum flashing or other rounded covering objects), there are a variety of popular shrouds that are pre-made …

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