Apr 26

Several projects, looking for expert advice.

Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time to peek into my psychological dysfunction. I have several project cars. Well, really, all of my cars are project cars, or at least end up being project cars.

First off, I'm not very knowledgeable about car stuff. I like cars, and like the idea of working on them, but don't know enough to get away with it. I usually pay someone to do what I want to have done, which has had pretty horrible results at times. Sorry, sidetracked moment there.

The following cars are what I have, with a list of what I'd like to have done. I'm willing to try some of this myself, but I'd really appreciate some guidance on what would be the most direct way to go.

1985 VW Westfalia - I'd like to do something better than just sticking a HID kit in these. They're Glass fluted lenses, with separate low and high beam housings. Lows are 5x7, not sure about high's, I'll have to measure.

1985 Pontiac Fiero. There are multiple people running Hella 90mm's in these, but I'd rather do a 4x6 glass sealed beam with retrofitted projectors. The stock size is 5x7, but it looks too big and bug eyed to me. I also have a custom led ring insert I'd like to do in the tail lights. I previously had a '88 and had these made for it...(this isn't my car, but we had identical tail lights). The rings weren't original, and used Hella lights.


The problem is, my current car's tails aren't tall enough to accommodate the same size rings, so I'm trying to find an alternative way to go.

1994 & 1996 Honda Del Sols - I'd like to do retrofits, but the issue might be the lenses. One has JDM 1 piece lenses, which are fluted plastic, and the other has EDM fluted glass lenses and glass clear driving lights (high beams), which are fairly clear. I'm willing to change the JDM's out but I spent a small fortune on the last set of NOS EDM lenses, and would prefer not to give them up. I'd like to use OEM projectors, like S2K's. I know there's a guy here who's done many of these, but he seems to be out of the game.

2001 Honda CRV. Projector Retrofit, preferably using Honda parts.

So, I'm in Houston, and am willing to try as much of this as a beginner can, but I'd definitely need the most PNP kits or parts to do it.Anyone know anything about The HID Factory here in Houston?


Ok, I'll leave it here, and try to answer any or all questions as they come. Thanks again.