May 05

Setting Rotational alignment ds2 4.0

OK, I'm on the last few steps of my retrofit and I've discovered I have to mount the projectors to the reflectors with jb weld/e6000. I don't have enough space to use bolts. Now, I mounted one projector and I'm trying to check the horizontal alignment on the bench since I don't have ignitors yet(oops).

I have a Lazer line level and whatnot. I'm checking alignment from about 8' away for the time being. I'm using an led flashlight to check the cutoffs right now and it seems like the high side slopes down while the low side stays flat. Based on that it seems I should make sure the low side is horizontal and move on. But looking at pictures of other cutoffs, both high and low side are flat, if anything the low side dips down.

When I adjust so that the high side is flat the low side drops off quite alot. When I adjust to the low side, the high side seems to slope off, but not nearly as dramatically.

So do I adjust high or low side?

I'll try to get a few pictures up once it gets dark enough.

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