Jul 03

Semi-selectable quad with fogs?

Have the Mori quad bix harness (h1) to my MH1 7.0s. I recently discovered that my harness would allow me to run my fogs as bixs, were they properly retrofitted, as well. I'm pretty sure I can work out the hardware details, but, I'm having trouble thinking through the wiring.

The fogs are controlled at the stalk with a separate switch. They are setup to be on only when the headlights are on (have a separate resource for running them independently) . I'd like for them to be independently switched using the OEM stalk, but still act as quads when I turn the headlights on (true independent).

But since I want them to use the same harness/power/relay as my low-beams, how would I tie that in? Suggestions? The Selectable Quads thread was all about using the recommended 3-way switch.