Jul 20

Searching for Dynamic Indicator LED strips/bands

Hello all,

I modded my headlights (golf 7 gti) a year ago and have decided to figure out if I could mount a sequential/dynamic LED strip as the indicator light. I am using modded R-lights so the headlights does have LED-indicators from the factory. What I am looking to do is to replace these "static" LEDs/SMDs with some "dynamic" ones. I've found this on TRS: https://www.theretrofitsource.com/le...equential.html

However this is not flexible, does someone know about flexible strips? Doesn't necessarily have to be switchback, most important is the dynamic part.

This is how the light looks (with red-stripe inside though), I have countred 14 SMDs that needs to be replaced. The current LED-strips runs zig-zag like you can see on the picture and I would need the new one to be able to do that as well.

Any help is greatly appreciated