Oct 11

S2000 on 94-97Integra Retrofit

I'm hoping someone can help me out. I'm starting to collect my parts for a retrofit project on my car over the winter. it is a 96 integra with the factory 94-97 front end and headlights. I initially wanted to start out with an "easier" retrofit for my first retrofit, but i figure go big or go home lol. I have 2 extra sets of headlights for this car so if i screw something up i wont be terribly upset. Anyways, my question is regarding S2000 projector fitment with the 94-97 Integra headlights. Every DIY or completed S2000 retrofit project i see on Integras is in the 98-2001 front end. This front end has the bigger headlights. I want to make sure before i pull the trigger on a set of projectors i found that they will fit the 94-97 smaller style headlights on my Integra. Anyone ever complete this retrofit or know if these projectors will indeed fit? thanks.