May 14

RX7 Custom LED taillight wiring help/advice needed

As the title says, I'm making a custom taillight setup for my rx7 and could use some advice. I have the light design itself figured out and I believe I've found a way to control the setup so it behaves like I want but I would like to run it by more knowledgable people to ensure I'm not forgetting something or if there is an easier way to do this. Basically the new lights consist of LED halo rings for DRL/turn signals, and each ring has a high powered led in the center dedicated to the stop lights. The stock setup consists of two incandescent dual intensity parking/brakelights on each side and a single intensity incandescent on each side for turn signals.
Stock lights function like below:

My new design however I would like to have function like this:

Here are the related diagrams for the factory wiring:

And here is a wiring diagram I made which I believe would make the lights function as I displayed above:

Would this work as I have it designed? Is there an easier way to do what I'm looking for that I havent figured out?. For the relays to turn off the stoplight on the side that's blinking the turn signal input would have to be a constant flow from right after the turn signal switch instead of after the flasher module (which would make the stoplight flash too instead of turning it off allowing the halo to flash). Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.