Jun 02

replaced NBU’s with Philips Whitevision gen2’s…

I was happy with my Osram NBU's but decided to try the Philips Whitevision after seeing Caesar at Lightwerkz do his review. I also ordered my set from them. He also did my retrofit back in October.

I shot this at my local supermarket's parking lot, nothing scientific about it. Kinda white wall, kinda dirty. Similar distance on both images, slightly different angle. The Gen 2's have less than 2 hours of time, not sure if that matters. I've had the NBU's since October/November. I tried to keep the images consistent, but had to shot at a faster speed for the Gen 2's, they are much brighter. Same white balance. I also should note, even at 5000k white balance the images still render slightly different than real world. The NBU's dont look THAT yellow in person, or not to my eyes at least. BUT the camera does show the differences in colors of both bulbs.

I definitely notice the Gen 2's being "whiter" in real world driving. I have yellow fogs that kind of were misaligned so at first i thought they weren't as pure white as advertised, being that both lights were on and i was seeing a yellowish hue on the road (aDUHH). I soon realized that the fogs were misaligned and i corrected them. I also turned off the fogs and they are really white (the Philips)

Figured this might or might not come in handy for someone n the future.