Apr 28

Recommendations for projectors

I doing a retrofit this summer on my 2016 Malibu, which uses 2.5" dual beam projectors.Can anyone tell me which 2.5" projector has the widest output, which one has the farthest output, and which one has the most colorful cutoff? Since my car utilizes a dual beam projector I would lose the flash to pass capability with HID so I am thinking of having a small dual beam projector in place of my turn signal that would take 9005 bulbs since I already have PnP 9005 LEDs. That way my HID projector would be low beam only or have a delay for high beam, like 5-10 seconds or so, and the one with LED would be dual beam. My turn signal would be replaced with an LED strip, (I've heard LED strips aren't that good as turn signals but I never use them. lol). I would also probably be installing fog lights that are either LED or HID, for fogs all I'm concerned about is width. I was either thinking 2010 Fusion Fogs with PnP HID or Morimoto 70mm LEDs.

So to basically sum this up I am interested in knowing:
-What is a good, cheap and small dual beam 9005 projector
-Which 2.5" D2S projectors (single or dual beam) have:
The widest beam
The farthest throw
The most colorful cutoff
-What are sone good but small HID or LED fog lights?