Apr 28

Recommendations for another retrofit.

I currently have some mini H1 7.0s in my headlights, but only one high beam works.

I broke the high beam wire then after getting a new one and plugging it in it still didn't work so I've been running with only one high beam and I'm still getting some condensation in the headlights some times. It also has some scratches on the headlight lens.

But I'm fed up with this set and just want to start all over.

I'm thinking about sticking with mini H1 7.0s because they seem a lot easier to fit in my housings than the mini d2s.

I'd like to get some shrouds that don't have any gaps for light to escape.. or just go all out and get some panamera shrouds with the led ring.

Any input into the design of these would be great.

I'm definitely not going to make them chrome.

I currently have black housings with matching body color painted shrouds.

I'm not sure if I should go all black or not with this next set.

Here are some pics.