Jul 13

Ready, Shoot, Aim – Got any advice on this pattern?

Ready, shoot, aim - should have done my research *before* buying

I purchased Spec-D HID projector headlight assemblies from a reseller for my 99 Silverado, and am having a hell of a time with them. They are 35-watt and run H1 HID bulbs for the low beams and halogens for the highs.

First, I had to drill big holes in the frame of my radiator support to make clearance for the hump on the back where the wires for the halo protrude. The reseller told me they've never had this problem, but the reviews on Amazon for this product clearly show that others had the same issue. Oh well, the task is done and it's not a big deal.

What is a big deal is that the output sucks.

Can someone who knows their way around HIDs give me some advise on what seems to be the problem and what I should do about it? I'd like to get these dialed-in if possible, before deciding to modify / junk them.

This pic shows the lights against my garage door from a couple feet away. You can "see" the bulbs! I don't get it at all.

Here's a view against a wall, about 25 ft away

There are serious dead spots in the output, right where I need it most

View from beside my truck

View from front of truck

The product from Spec-D

Thanks folks, in advance. I really appreciate any guidance you can give me!