Jun 05

Question regarding mini h1 and 50 watt ballasts


I'm still extremely new doing proper retrofits. In the past I've just used drop in kits into projector headlights. Now that I've done my second retrofit I've noticed I sometimes want more light. Currently I'm using the Mini h1 projector in my Veloster. I've been loving using an actual hid projector vs the OEM projector.

Now my question lies with I bought a second set of ballasts with my retro that are 50 watt. I'm going to be working in a more rural area for a month. Currently I'm using the OEM shroud that was with the original Hyundai projector and the h1 is mounted inside. I was curious if using the 50 watt ballast will do any permanent damage if I was to use it for a month and then swap back to the 35 watt ballasts when I return to the city?

Thank you guys in advance