Jul 02

Question about Morimoto Relay – 05 G35 Quad Retrofit

Hello Ladies and Gents,

im not sure where to start -

I have a 2005 g35 Coupe, the one that has the h4 high beam and and D2R HID.
what i have done is installed D2S projectors in the lower housing to utilize the stock ballasts and installed h1 projectors in the top housing. so to recap thats h1s up top with their own new 35w ACME ballasts, D2S on bottoms with stock ballasts (also have d2s to amp connectors and amp ballasts)

my problem is this:

ive bought an H4 harness from TRS but it doesnt seem to work, here is the relay:

the bottom D2S will work when plugged into stock ballast and harnesses, however with the highbeams plugged into the relay th highbeams/h1 lights wont come on. when D2S is connected to aftermarket D2S to AMP connectors routed into aftermarket ballasts thru to the morimoto control unit along with the H1s the whole system seems to not work. so as it sits right now anything i have routed through the morimoto relay has not turned on. the relay is connected seemingly correctly - the input from the relay for the highs is connected to the h1s and the relay input for the lows is connected to the D2S with all of the grounds in the right spot. im concerned it might be a bad relay but...im hoping not... the fuse isnt blown on the power input either. and thats why i need all of your help figuring it out.

if anyone has any experience with morimoto relays that knowledge would be greatly appreciated