Jun 23

Quad projectors for Mercedes CLS (W219)

Hello all!
I some how found my way to this forum and got inspired about changing my headlights.

I have already bought LEDs for foglights and HID conversion kit for H7 but after spending couple of nights reading the posts here I guess I'll need new projectors for HIDs.

I have CLS and it has only halogens (Low beam is projector and high beam is normal reflector). I want to do change those both to projectors and D2S. If I change those high beams to projectors, I'll lose my parking lights but that's not really a problem because I was wondering to change them as a multicolor angel eyes around the high beam projector.

So my guestion is What do I need to complete that in suitable way? Can I use bi xenon projectors just for high beams and the other just for low beams by locking the cutting plate? Do I need some harness or will those HID conversion kits include all I need except the projectors?

I found some Hella Gen5 projectors from ebay in decent price and I can buy those HID conversion kits from my local dealer (not sure how good quality they are).

Thanks for any advice and greetings from Finland!