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Projector Solenoids

Projector shield solenoids are a unique little design. The cutoff shield is what controls a projectors light output & pattern. In a bi-xenon projector the cutoff shield is moveable. A solenoid is usually attached to the cutoff shield and can be activated with any 12 volt input. When this happens the cutoff shield will drop or switch positions to change the light output from the projector – this is often known as high-beam mode. Bi-xenon Shield SolenoidBi-xenon Shield/Solenoid in Action





With this system the single projector HID bulb stays on during both high and low beam operation. The only component that switches is the solenoid motor. The control over this solenoid is often done with a 12 volt signal from a newly installed bi-xenon wiring harness or by splicing the solenoid control wires into a separate high beam circuit.General Bi-xenon High Beam Pattern

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