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Low Beam Projectors

Low beam HID projectors or Single Beam projectors are often used in vehicles with a separate bulb for low beam and high beam. These projectors have fixed cutoff shields. These type of projectors generally have wide output with plenty of depth (the higher quality ones). List here are a few of the very common ones found in the world of retrofitting today.

LS 430 Projector



LS430: Comes on the Lexus LS430 model luxury vehicle. This projector has the widest beam pattern available as it uses light directed out of the projector body and into a reflector bowl or auxiliary reflector. These are expensive, BIG projectors to retrofit & more rare to find.

S2000 Projector



S2000: OEM Honda/Koita projector. Second widest beam available, Lots of light output & a fairly straight cutoff line. AP1 is the earlier clear lens model while the AP2 is for newer S2000’s, it actually comes with a lesser quality fresnel lens.

Acura TSX Projector




TSX: OEM Acura/Stanley projectors. Good width beam output, pretty color at the cut-off line because of the double-step shield design. These projectors were a great bang-for-the-buck setup, but with all the quality aftermarket projectors today these have become more & more outdated. The shield or color modding yields a little sharper cut-off and even prettier color output but requires a decent amount of time to get it just right.

Lexus RX-AFS-TSXR Projector



Lexus RX: OEM Lexus projectors that feature a nice concentration of light output. These are very similar in design to the S2000’s. With a clear lens upgrade and some shield/color modding these have exceptional width and depth.

Blazer Fog Light Projectors



Blazer Fogs: These are compact projectors often reserved for foglight applications or axillary lighting. They are halogen based but with a proper HID bulb fitment offer terrific light output. They feature a sealed housing case with mount points & a clear lens.



Choosing the right projectors can be a bit of a challenge. The ones listed above certainly don’t cover every single unit out there. They are generally the most common or most well known. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

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