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Bi-Xenon Projectors

Bi-Xenon projectors feature a solenoid that make the cutoff shield movable. When activated, the shield drops or lowers & removes the cutoff step. This disperses the HID light in a high beam pattern (bright and everywhere). These style projectors use the HID bulb as its only light source (one bulb for high & low beam).

Mini Morimoto MH1 Projector


Mini-Morimoto MH1: These aftermarket projectors were designed with super compact mounting spots in mind. They utilize an H1 AMP style HID bulb. While H1 bulbs are traditionally thought of as a “kit” bulb, this projector was designed with this style bulb to eliminate the hot spots & un-wanted output glare often associated with kits & halogen projectors.

Mini Morimoto D2S Projector




Mini- Morimoto D2S: These aftermarket projectors were designed with super compact mounting spots in mind. They utilize an OEM D2S HID bulb. These feature sharp cutoff lines with a great high beam output.

Morimoto FX-R 3.0 Projectors




FX-R: These are modeled after the OEM FX-35 projectors. These are a bit more compact and come pre-optimized with clear lenses & bulb spacers for top notch output. They have seen a number of revisions that have improved optics and lenses.

Hella Evo-XR Projectors


Hella Evo-XR: These are modeled after the Mercedes E-55 projectors that feature a 3″ lens & a flat movable cutoff shield. These have a good low beam output & a structured high beam that has a distinct tunnel light effect. These have revised optics with a clear lens for excellent output

Acura TL Projector



Acura TL: These are considered one of the wider and brighter bi-xenon projectors out there. They have a deep style back-bowl & a 3″ lens. They are on the large side due to their big bottom solenoid design and are becoming rarer to find.

LS 460 Projector



LS 460: These are similar to the LS 430 projectors and the Acura TL’s. They feature a reflector bowl on the bottom like the LS 430 projectors allowing for exceptional width. They are similar to the Acura TL in that they use a 3″ lens and have a large solenoid on the bottom. These are reserved for the largest of headlights and can be rare to find.


Choosing the right projectors can be a bit of a challenge. The ones listed above certainly don’t cover every single unit out there. They are generally the most common or most well known. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.


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