Jan 13

Problems with mini d2s rotation adjust.

Hi everyone.

A friend of mine had a pair of mini d2s 2.0 projectors (yes, i know they are crap, but they were free) lying aroud his garage, that he never installed in his previous card, and gave them to me. I bought a pair of Pilot 7x6 housing to fit them in my 1992 toyota celica st185.

I modified the housings to fit the projectors easily, and because i had everything messing around the garage and i was waiting for the ballasts i bought abroad, i decided to adjust the projector rotation by measuring them agains the 7x6 housing, instead of projecting the light in a wall, and glued them to the housing using jbweld.

Now i received the ballasts, and when i put the housings in a flat surface (measured with a bubble level tool) i discovered that the light pattern is rotated like 5 degrees to the right, so the light is higher at the driver side, like in this photo, but with the exception that i have a LHD pattern.

I have measured the projectors against the housing dozens of times and they are physically aligned. The easy solution would be rotating the projectors, but they are glued with jb weld and i would like to avoid removing all the glue as i dont want to damage the chrome paint from the housings.

Is there any easier solution than removing the projectors from the housings and gluing them again?

Will take a photo as soon it stops raining outside.