May 02

Problem With Passenger Side Turn Signals

Hi all,

Long time lurker first time poster.

I completed a retrofit on my 2013 F350 back in February. Everything was working perfectly and I was thrilled with how the truck looked. One day my passenger signal started hyperflashing and I thought something might have come loose. Well to my surprise both the LED Switchback and the Halo acting as a signal would not function.

I pulled the light out and checked all connections. Everything was tight and secure. Ground is fastened to bare metal.

Ok maybe the bulb is shot. I switched the 3157 LED Bulb over to the drivers side. It worked perfectly.

I have the halos connected to run as a white day time running light. Both the driver and passenger work without issue. Makes me think it isnt the Halo itself...

I thought the only issue it could possibly be was the factory signal light socket with the wires heading down the factory ford harness. I picked up a new socket with pigtails from Ford to the tune of 75$. reconnected everything and the problem continues. not even a slight flicker when I move the wires around. Checked fuse for signal lights and they are fine.

Any ideas what could be going on here? I haven't had a passenger signal light in weeks.

Parts are from TRFS as follows:
Mini D2S 4.0
D2S XB35 Ballasts
D2S XB HID Bulbs
XSB 3.0 Halos
MotoControl BI H13/9008 Harness
3157 Acme Switchback
Morimoto hyperflash load resistors

Thanks Guys.