Dec 18

Porsche Boxster 986 Hella g3 RHD retro

Hi guys.
My first post but have been gleaning information from here for a while.
This is my third retrofit, albeit they have all been the same headlight.
Both my previous jobs have been with el cheapo eBay Chinese h1 type 2.5" projectors and generic slim ballasts and bulbs. I haven't been overwhelmed with the performance, although they looked good and better than old OE halogen.!

So for this job I decided to go higher quality. OE Hella gen 3 ballasts which will remain 35watt, AliExpress Hella type projectors and Osram CBI.

I initially ordered the lights from Ali thinking I may be able to modify them for RHD ( I'm in the UK) but they looked way complicated. I had a go at one but haven't managed to get a nice cut off.
So I bit the bullet and ordered another set from a UK dealer in RHD. Interestingly the shields in the rhd are a simpler flat piece...not the pressed type like in the LHD. Initially dissapointed as the LHD cut off was great....once I fired them up they do still have a good cut off. The bowl isn't exactly the same either...these rhd ones have a fluted part at the top....pics to follow.!

Just having an issue with posting images so will update soon!